T for Tourist plates founder Jacqui CoatesT for Tourist has sprung up out of a family get together, where we were all discussing self-drive holidays and how to both, enhance our experience and the experiences of visitors to our beautiful country.

Our light bulb moment developed into the manufacture and distribution of the T plates to display on all types of vehicles driven by new comers to any area.

Easily identified tourists, then enjoy the benefit of having locals tell them the best spots to visit, give directions to where they are going and often result in some great conversations and friendships. It also provides road users with the knowledge that you may need to slow down to read signage or stop to read directions on a map.

Our T for Tourist plates assist in providing you with a courteous and safe journey.

Originally, Trish and Jacqui formed a family partnership in 2012 named TJ Consulting Services. This business provides advice on Management systems, Quality Auditing, small business mentoring and a DIY budgeting service for the householder.

It has been an exciting journey for both of us to diversify and produce our T plates.